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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

thrift shopper

blouse: pulse vintage, jeans & flats: thrifted, necklace: little boutique in new orleans

i purchased this necklace 
while in new orleans this past summer.
wearing it today made my feel quite nostalgic. 
visiting close college friends, 
attending a most beautiful wedding,
and exploring a new city - can i go back?
i can give or take the humidity however.

i wanted to share this outfit with you because
i purchased everything (aside from the necklace)
from various thrift and consignment shops.
the pants and flats are originally from j crew,
and likely retail for seventy-five or so dollars each
however, together, i paid less than thirty dollars at oh bella,
located on roosevelt.
i recently purchased the blouse online on etsy from pulse vintage.
i spent twenty dollars, 
but for the quality and beautiful colors and fabric,
i could have easily paid more. 

i suppose the point of this little post 
is to emphasize that you do not need to spend 
a fortune to dress the way you want.
if designer clothing and expensive brands 
are what you love, you can certainly find and enjoy that.
shopping on a budget, and finding
what you want to wear, can be done for less. 

i will share a few of my favorite 
local thrift and vintage shops with you soon. 
i don't know if this girl is ever going to pay full price again! 

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