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Thursday, October 17, 2013

shop my closet

i may or may not have a slight shopping addiction.
but then again, doesn't every girl?
having recently moved rooms,
(and seeing the copious amounts of clothing i possess),
i thought it was time to do some purging. 

while i love donating items to goodwill, value village, etc.,
i thought i would give you the chance to shop my closet first.
several items still have tags (pathetic, i know),
and many are in great condition.
please shop my closet here or visit BISTM and search
"diary of this girl."
you can find the items i currently have for sale there. 
shopping through BISTM is simple - 
all you need to do is pay via your paypal account,
and i will immediately send the items from my closet to yours. that simple.
happy shopping!

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