Monday, August 11, 2014

the good and the bad on this monday

t-shirt, skirt and necklace: old navy, sandals: steve madden, bag: thrifted
^^^ and then a bug landed on my face ^^^

monday's are rough.
they're rough for teachers;
they're rough for students.
this monday was particularly rough - 
in part, because all monday's are less than ideal,
but we also had teachers out at preschool,
sick babes, sick teachers, and quite a humid day to tackle.
that bandaid on my leg?
due to skinning my knee while changing copious diapers.

you see, i often crawl around while at work -
reaching for hidden toys, 
chasing after babes, 
and while changing diapers.
dresses and skirts are essential with the current heat in seattle,
so my knee had to "take one for the team"
on this rough monday.
i suppose i can consider it a battle scar?
i do love helping the babes, so i don't mind too much.

now i think i shall treat myself to some ice cream.
happy monday to you!