Friday, September 19, 2014

new hair from my friends at ola salon

^^^ how cute is this display?! ^^^
^^^ salon ola's theme this month is "books" ^^^
^^^ this little pup was taking a rest while i had my hair braided ^^^

and now, onto the hair!
braids in the front; a bow in the back.
for some reason, i get rather nervous when styling my hair.
curls, straight hair, and a ponytail 
pretty much define "my very limited style."
that is simply no fun!
these braids and bow were a fun, stylish update to my everyday look.
now if only i could replicate this myself -
ola, i might need some training! 

for all of my local friends, 
please visit the adorable (and extremely kind)
staff and salon in west seattle.
to book your appointment, visit here.