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Friday, December 26, 2014

ode to the bangs

^^^ trying to coax her to be in my picture (unsuccessfully) ^^^
^^^ christmas selfie with my favorite boys ^^^
dress: nordstrom rack, necklace: old navy, 
bag and sweater: urban outfitters, flats: thrifted

and now, my ode to the bangs:
bangs, i love you. most of the time anyways.
but sometimes a slight gust of wind will move you
in a way that looks simply awful -
pictured above. 
or maybe i am too critical? 
i had willie take 23847872971 photos,
and the bangs looked horrid in every one!
perhaps i am in need of some styling tips?
or i simply must adjust to their flawed appearance at times.
any feedback is appreciated.