Wednesday, September 16, 2015

a donut date!

^^^ donuts from our local top pot! 
i always want to try something new, but never 
stray from my classic: rainbow sprinkle with the 
delicious pink frosting. there's something about that
frosting, i tell you! ^^^
^^^ all the coffee. all day, please ^^^
top and jeans: old navy, flats: fossil (old), hair pin: anthropologie, bangle: forever 21

will and i have been extra busy as of late.
between my new job, both of us working different hours, 
and busy weekend schedules, we haven't had much 
time to just hang out. i miss it!
this week, i recommended having a breakfast date
so we could spend just a few extra minutes together.
and who can say no to donuts? on a wednesday?
from top pot, too!? not us!

thus, this morning i woke up a few minutes earlier
and enjoyed one (ahem, two) rainbow sprinkle donut(s)!
we also had to sample the new pumpkin spice old fashion -
it was delicious, as to be expected. 

it's too bad i don't aspire to wake up extra early
for a yogurt. or green smoothie. or a granola date.
my pants have been fitting a bit more snug,
and i blame it on the donuts. but again, i just can't resist them!