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Sunday, September 20, 2015

life lately

...according to my iPhone (and will's iPhone, too)
kisses from lulu! // walks to the market // tickets to the fashion first fashion show & auction
the most delicious tacos // source // sunday morning mimosas 
hello, fall shopping! // fashion first fashion show // new year, new school, & my new classroom

how is it already almost the end of september?
the past few weeks have simply flown by; a trip to california, 
the start of a new (and very loved!) job, and as per usual, 
too many delicious treats and not enough time with friends!
end of summer, where have you gone?! 

i am striving to embrace fall weather, while adjusting to my new 
(and quite busy) work schedule. between working late, 
going to the gym, babysitting, blogging + events, and spending time with one another,
our little apartment is a wreck. after much persuasion, 
i think i have convinced will that we need (aka i really, really want
a cleaning lady. it sounds selfish, and perhaps a bit silly, 
but we simply don't have the time. or we do, but we would rather spend it 
doing things other than dusting and scrubbing our little apartment.
i hate coming home to a messy home,
and when i do make it home, the last thing i want to do is 
clean the oven. or wipe off the bathroom counters. we are testing out 
a cleaning service this week, and i think it will add a bit 
of relief to our busy lives. i'll keep you posted ;)

this weekend, we visited our dear friends', maggie and jake's,
new home. they've moved out of the city and into an 
adorable house down south. we had a blast celebrating
this new endeavor with them - sadly, i miss them already. 

how was your weekend?