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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

let's talk skincare with clarins

if you know me well, you know i'm a bit of a skincare junkie. 
i wash my face morning and night, and i have a diligent skincare regimen:
cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye cream, (spot creams when applicable) and a mask or 
exfoliating wash often thrown into the mix. i love going to bed with my skin feeling
soft, clean and well hydrated. it can be difficult to achieve that 'oh so clean' feeling, however -
i've tried countless washes, lotions and other products claiming to perfect your skin.

for the past three weeks, i've had the pleasure of using the newly formulated
clarins multi-active day and nighttime duo. these moisturizers target fine lines 
and boost skin's radiance. plant extracts, specifically myrothamnus and organic
 california poppy, help negate the effects daily stress has on the skin.
there's nothing worse than dull, dry skin! #amiright
the night cream is available for normal to combination skin,
or normal to dry skin (combination skin for this girl) ^^^

i love the subtle, refreshing scent of both the day and night cream.
my skin feels soft, hydrated, and ready for spring - dramatic changes
in weather often cause my skin to dry out (and subsequently to break out!). 
however, it feels smooth, evenly toned, and refreshed. this was my first experience
with clarins, other than the occasional sample in an event goodie bag. 
although both the day and night cream are higher end, in terms of pricing,
i thoroughly enjoyed both products. i plan to purchase the night cream
soon, as my jar is just about empty! 

have you tried clarins before? which products are your favorite?
let me know in the comments below! 

**this is a sponsored post. i was graciously gifted the clarins
day and nighttime creams. all opinions are my own!

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