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Friday, May 27, 2016

day to night beauty routine with bartell drugs

happy friday, everyone!
this week has gone by at a snail's pace - 
perhaps it is because i am beyond ready for the holiday weekend?!
the toddlers are antsy, the teachers are exhausted, and there simply
isn't enough coffee in the world to keep me moving. 
that may be slightly exaggerated, but weekend, i'm ready for you! 

i recently shared a daytime beauty look, featuring makeup
from my local bartell drugs, on my blog here.
today, i want to show you how adding a few products, also from bartell drugs,
can quickly and easily transform your look from day to night!
when i'm getting ready for work or busy with errands, and don't necessarily
want a full face of makeup, i keep my routine simple:

these products are easy to apply, affordable, and all available at a bartell drugs
near you. if you're going out for the evening, you can begin by adding shadow, eyeliner
and lashes. however, because my skin gets particularly oily
 throughout the day, i prefer to wash my face and reapply my foundation (perhaps
this is wasteful, or a waste of time, but i typically dislike the way my foundation 
looks after wearing it for the duration of the work day). 
whatever your preference with the foundation (reapply or simply add to your current 
makeup look), it's now all about the subtle smoky eye for spring!

'taking a look from day to night, or simple to smokey, can be as 
easy as adding a bold lip or dark shadow in the crease of your eyelid.
adding false lashes will give your eyes an extra pop! the standard is to not do 
both bold lips and bold eyes, but there's nothing wrong with being extra
glamorous - just don't use too much makeup. eyelashes frame your 
eyes, and brows frame your face; make sure both are on point.'
-makeup artist, elizabeth kathryn

begin creating your smokey eye by applying a lighter shadow (such as the nude
or pale lilac in this palette) to the base of your eye. apply the nude all the way
up to your brow. this will give your eyes a bit of natural/subtle color and can act as a base for 
the rest of your shadow. then, apply the darker color (such as a dark purple) in 
the crease of your eyelid. for this look, i also used the charcoal in the outside corner
of my eyes for a bit more color. this la colors palette is incredibly pigmented, so i 
didn't feel like i had to layer on the eyeshadow. using a small, eyeliner brush, 
i also lined my bottom lash line with the lilac shadow. it is ever-so-slight, but opens up my eyes.

once i've applied my shadow, i then use my liquid eyeliner. i prefer a liquid,
brush-tip pencil, as it goes on more smoothly than a traditional pencil and is easier
for me than other liners, such as pots and brushes, etc. 
i certainly have my days when it comes to applying eyeliner - 
and q-tips are your best friend for removing unwanted (or overly done) liner. 
i kept my eyeliner fairly light because, of course, i had to apply
my favorite ardell false lashes!

people often ask me, 'how do you apply your false eyelashes so well?'
lots and lots and lots of practice! i've worn false lashes for years, so i hardly
think twice when putting them on. a few tricks? 

1. when first starting out, play around with some of the 
more natural looking lashes. this will allow your eyes to adjust
 to the look and feel of falsies. 

2. cut them to fit the length and shape of your eye. i typically cut the 
inside corner (the shorter end) very slightly to better fit my eye.

3. use a dark adhesive that dries clear. if you accidentally use 
too much, it is less noticeable!

4. don't apply the tube of glue directly to the lashes. instead, 
place a small amount of glue on the top of your hand. then, 
apply the glue to the lashes with a q-tip. i can't tell you how many times i've had
 my glue explode and ruin a brand new pair of lashes 
(too many to count, sadly!!). i use this glue.
^^^ applying this lipstick in 'mad love' ^^^

after i've glued on my lashes (and let them set for 1-2 minutes), i apply 
one last coat of mascara. this will blend your natural lashes in with
the false pair you're wearing. 

last, don't forget your lips! i prep and prime my lips with chapstick, 
this lipstick primer, and finish by applying my color of choice.
today, i opted for a bright berry from the new la colors matte lipstick line.
in the tube, i wasn't sure if the color would be too much with the smokey eye.
however, i love the way this lip color tied my makeup together!

and voila! you've changed your daytime look into a sultry, but subtle 
smokey eye that's perfect for spring! 
finish by setting your makeup with makeup setting spray. i use 

what are some of your favorite makeup looks for spring?
let me know in the comments below!

**this is a sponsored post. all opinions are my own. 
a special thank you to bartell drugs for sponsoring this post
and providing me with a gift certificate to purchase the makeup featured here.
i love supporting local brands and am incredibly grateful
for the opportunity to support my local bartell drugs!

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