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Friday, June 17, 2016

house of style

last week i had the pleasure of attending 'house of style,' a fashion and DIY
inspired event, hosted by sydney mintle of gossip & glamour and seattle goodwill
the event featured thrift shopping (my favorite!), crafting and DIY galore,
and delicious eats alongside fellow bloggers. 
i can't think of anything more perfect, can you?!
^^^ designer jordan christianson of jonquil & mr. black (middle)
and sydney mintle of gossip & glamour (right) ^^^
^^^ with summer vacation right around the corner, i'm trying to load up
on smoothies and juices. i loved trying suja's 'green delight' juice! ^^^
^^^ two of my favorite bloggers -
jenn from hello rigby and katrina from the demure muse!
we sat next to one another and had a great time digging through
pins, earrings, and other accessories to embellish our thrifted items. ^^^
^^^ 'so, jordan, what should i do with this?' 
gaining insight and inspiration from the design expert himself! ^^^

seattle goodwill graciously provided each of us with a gift card to 
purchase clothing and/or accessories to decorate, embellish and repurpose.
i bought a chambray top and grey hooded sweatshirt (of course, 
i also purchased a striped peplum top and printed dress because i have no 
self-restraint when it comes to thrift shopping. these items aren't for 
repurposing, but simply to enjoy and share with you!).

additionally, jordan highlighted his incredible design skills by showing 
the bloggers a few items he had redone. 
^^^ jordan added rhinestones and lace to the hem of these floral shorts ^^^
^^^ he also added the lace detail to this vintage denim vest ^^^
^^^ jordan turned this pair of jeans into cut-off shorts. he cut
a heart out of the extra fabric and added silver studs. the hem of the shorts
and heart frayed after washing ^^^

i had a wonderful time attending the 'house of style' event last week -
any excuse to shop at goodwill and catch up with fellow bloggers is a win in my book.
and although i am not the most creative DIY-er (goal: must learn to sew!), 
i am excited to share my newly decorated chambray top on my blog soon!

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