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Friday, February 3, 2017

a more confident smile with smile brilliant!

i have to admit, between working full-time, 
babysitting former preschool students of mine, and blogging
in much of my free time, self-care sometimes goes out the window.
don't get me wrong, i enjoy keeping busy! 
in fact, i prefer a week and/or weekend filled with 
blog events, appointments, brunch dates, trips to visit my family, etc. 
but what does this all mean? i end up drinking far too much coffee
to keep me active and energized (!!!).

my drink of choice is a dark roast drip coffee or americano; 
though delicious, the one or two cups i drink each day
inevitably stains my teeth. i've tried numerous products and brands 
of whitening toothpastes, gels, strips, and rinses - to no avail.
my teeth continue to look somewhat yellow, and after using 
these harsh whitening products, i notice a heightened sensitivity to cold
drinks and acidic foods. this is less than ideal for a girl 
who not only loves coffee, but also ice cream!

when smile brilliant reached out to me and offered to let
me try their customized teeth whitening trays, i couldn't wait to get started!
the first step was to create impressions of my teeth. 
smile brilliant provided the supplies (including extra putty 
in case i made a mistake), detailed instructions, 
and a pre-paid mailing envelope to send off the molds of me teeth
before receiving my custom-fit trays. after letting the
molds dry, i sent them off and waited less than a week before
receiving my trays (pictured above)!

inside my kit, i also received three syringes of the teeth whitening
gel, as well as three syringes of the desensitizing gel. 
to apply, simply squeeze a thin layer (in the center of the tray that will touch
your teeth) of the whitening gel on both the top and bottom tray. 
then, place the trays in your mouth and voila! the whitening process begins.

one thing i quickly noticed when using the smile brilliant 
whitening trays, is that i could easily multi-task (including talking on the 
phone) while wearing the trays. in the past, when i've used whitening strips,
i feel as though the strips are falling off or falling out of my mouth;
i constantly slurp and need to re-adhere the strips to my teeth.
i end up feeling annoyed and skeptical of other 'miracle' health and beauty 
products, as i seldom notice a difference. 

this at home teeth whitening system was truly a different experience 
altogether. i felt that i could whiten while relaxing in my room or on-the-go;
the whitening trays are safe to stay in your mouth for periods as
 long as one to three hours! when you're done whitening, just rinse 
the tray with cool water. then, similar to the whitening gel, apply 
the desensitizing gel to the trays and wear for another
 15-20 minutes. the desensitizing gel protects your enamel and helps 
prevent future stains.
there is enough gel in the whitening and desensitizing
syringes for three uses (and possibly more, depending on the amount
you place in your customized tray). 
i wore the trays over the holidays every-other night for just under four
 weeks. i cannot tell you what a difference i have noticed in my smile!
the results are comparable to those you would receive when 
visiting your dentist for whitening services.
^^^ before & after! ^^^

before using whitening products, i am always
weary of damaging my enamel and increased teeth
sensitivity. after reading this article, my mind was at ease. 
to learn more about smile brilliant, you can  read these customer 
reviews and watch this video tutorial.

are you ready for a noticeably whiter smile?! smile brilliant has 
graciously offered a 5% off coupon code for diary of this girl readers - 
simply enter 'diaryofthisgirl5' when checking out. 
additionally, one lucky reader will receive a $75 e-card towards your order
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Whitening Teeth At Home

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