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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

a few thoughts on turning 29

this past weekend was filled with birthday celebrations!
my family, friends and very sweet coworkers
spoiled me with decorations, delicious treats, and a few wiener
dog items (you know i love anything with a wiener dog!).
i must admit, i woke up monday morning still quite full, 
but feeling loved and appreciative of everyone who helped make
 my day special; thank you, thank you! 

my brother came home from school for the weekend, 
which was a wonderful surprise! my family and i enjoyed
dinner together on saturday, and sunday was spent 
consuming donuts, cookies, clam chowder, bacon, pizza, pancakes
and a few other items. needless to say, i opted for a comfortable
(and forgiving, very forgiving) birthday outfit. 
this pleated midi skirt did the trick!
the past year has been filled with change. i 
sometimes forget how old i am (28...? 29...? 30...?), yet i still
enjoy reflecting on the year prior. have i changed at all? did i 
meet my goals? what challenged me? have i become a stronger woman
following these challenges? i'm pretty proud of where i am right now 
(both personally and professionally). let's see what 29 has to offer, too!

a few scattered thoughts: nail polish, i'll never tire of bright, colorful nails... and dad, thank you for your ever-present 
support and encouragement (especially when i was looking for a new job
last year, and when i then spent weeks frantically studying for my exam)...

...under eye wrinkles, where did you come from? skincare regimen, 
get ready to up your game...

...chocolate and candy currently on my dresser, you really need to go. 
and you should be replaced by green juice...

...electric tooth brush, please help me rid my teeth of these 
seemingly permanent coffee stains...

...tiny room, you desperately need a deep and thorough spring clean... account, i promise to be better about spending less
and saving more. i'll at least try to do this...

...leopard print boots, i'm so happy to have found you 
in the depths of my closet...

...seattle sun, please come back... my readers, thank you for your continued support (and for following
 along during mindless rants, like this one)...
^^^ pins have quickly become one of my favorite accessories! ^^^

photos by jenn from hello rigby

shirt: zara, pleated skirt: nordstrom rack (exact here), 
boots: nine west, pins: nordstrom rack (similar here), purse: monsac,
denim jacket: thrifted (via value village), rings: forever 21

i may or may not have worn this exact outfit to work last week
and then again for some birthday fun this past weekend.
i usually strive to mix and match different pieces in my closet
to avoid being deemed a 'repeat offender.' but hey, sometimes you find a look you
love, and you simply have to wear it multiple times (in the same week).

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