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Thursday, May 25, 2017

little letters, dress over jeans edition

dear dresses over jeans, i love you this trend.
dresses and tunics that are too short to wear sans
leggings, i won't forget about you. i can't wait
to wear you again and again with my ripped jeans.

dear iced americanos with white chocolate,
you are my favorite drink as of late. add a splash
of cream, and i get my daily caffeine and chocolate (or 
white chocolate) fix! you can't be too 
terribly unhealthy, right?

dear skin, stop peeling; just stop! i promise
to continue washing and caring for you, 
and i will be diligent about applying sunscreen all
summer. please. stop. peeling.
**little letters inspired by this blogger/post.

dear nails, i am sorry for chewing you off
last week. and for picking off my shellac manicure.
i hope you grow back soon.

dear bedroom, i know you won't clean yourself,
but really, could you clean yourself? i need
more time in the day to keep up with you!

dear blisters on my feet, i love you
because you result from getting back into
running outdoors, but ouch! you don't look very
cute (especially with sandals) either.
photos by bailey makaimoku photography

dress: zara (similar here), jeans: citizens of humanity,
purse: urban outfitters, bangles: nordstrom rack,
boots: dolce vita (thrifted via seattle goodwill)

dear pike place market, i never grow
tired of exploring here. rain or shine, you
are comparable to the heart of seattle. i greatly enjoy
finding new gems to explore -- like shugs soda fountain
mid photo shoot!

dear ruffles, i hope you never go out of style.