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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

flower jackets & little life updates

don't mind me; despite the official end to summer,
i still have a few summery outfits to share with you.
real life confessions: i am somewhat behind with my 
posting and do not want to waste photos. ahem, 
summer content, let's continue!

how have you been? are you embracing fall
and everything that comes along with the
changing seasons? i recently added pumpkin spice
creamer to our bi-weekly coffee order; i cannot
seem to keep enough on hand. cooler temperatures
arrive, and people crave everything and anything
pumpkin (myself included)!
for the past two weeks, my personal (and emotional)
health has been incredibly chaotic. unfortunately,
i am unable to move into my new house, as work
is still being done. therefore, i am jumping from one
temporary living situation to the next (carting several
bags and a backpack along with me). while couch
surfing can be seemingly fun at times,
i do not recommend it long-term. 

keeping my fingers crossed that my new
home will be ready before the end of october.
otherwise, do you have an extra couch i can 
sleep on? #thestruggleisreal
for the past two+ weeks, i have had
a terribly upset stomach. i think the stress
of moving, in conjunction with a new position at work,
finally hit me. i have had frequent headaches,
nausea, and an overall lack of energy.

i tried not to let my symptoms slow me down,
as i cannot afford to miss work (not to mention
babysitting commitments, blog events, and
of course, keeping on top of plans with friends and 
family). however, it finally did me in
towards the end of last week, and i had
to hit the breaks: hello rest, an incredibly bland
diet, and several doctors appointments. 

jacket: zara, t-shirt and sandals: target,
 shorts: american eagle (thrifted via seattle goodwill),
bracelets: urban outfitters

i met with a naturopath last weekend, and 
after a lengthy discussion about my eating
habits, recent symptoms, and overall health,
she placed me on a strict elimination diet. 
we are hopeful that by getting rid
of high allergen foods, i will begin to feel
more life myself. it has been three days, and i 
already feel better than i have in weeks!

as cold and flu season begin, i am eager
to get my stomach and immune system
back in top shape. who has time to be sick?!
not this girl :)

p.s. if you have any general health
or dietary tips for individuals struggling
with potential food allergies, please let me know!