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Friday, September 8, 2017

popped & paired :: healthy & delicious snack combinations

can you believe labor day has already come and 
gone? summer, i swear you just began a few days ago!
as fall approaches, i am eager to dig out my
oversized flannel and cozy socks. weekends will
likely be spent indoors, sipping tea (or hot coco!),
watching too many movies, and of course,
consuming tasty treats.

while i am an avid chocolate lover, i have 
been trying to limit sweet treats. it has not been easy, 
and with the change in weather, i know i will be 
tempted to consume anything and
everything pumpkin flavored... i am looking at you
pumpkin bread, pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes,
and PSL... i can almost taste you!
disclosure: thank you skinnypop for kindly providing the
graphic for this post. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

one treat i never feel guilty about eating? 
skinnypop popcorn! it is absolutely delicious,
and is non GMO, gluten and dairy free, has zero 
artificial ingredients and trans fat, and is a good 
source of fiber. skinnypop is available in a variety of
flavors. my favorites include original, pepper jack,
and naturally sweet; you cannot go wrong, however!
a crave-worthy snack that is healthy for 
you, too? yes, please!

whether you prefer to enjoy your skinnypop popcorn
by itself, or paired with a yummy beverage, it is a
snack you are sure to enjoy. 
this weekend, i plan to experiment with a 
few unique popcorn and drink recipes. first up?
a coconut margarita with jalapeno popcorn!

3 oz of coconut milk
3 oz of tequila blanco
1 and 1/2 oz of triple sec
8 oz of coconut water
lime wedge, to serve

i cannot wait to try it! below are a few other
pairings for you to try, courtesy of skinnypop.

do you have an end-of-summer barbecue planned?
a book club with girlfriends? a movie night?
whatever your plans, skinnypop popcorn is the perfect
accompaniment! what flavors have you tried?

p.s. i may or may not have consumed most
of this bag upon finishing our photo shoot. whoops!

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