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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

jumpsuits & an ode to instagram

hello, little blog; it's been a while! 
working full time, moving, attending weddings,
and well, just living often interfere 
with consistent blogging. fortunately, i am back
this week with several new outfits to share! i am 
continuing to embrace summer fashion. with 
temperatures in the low-to-mid 90s this week, i am eager
to get a few extra 'wears' out of my favorite
dresses, rompers, and shorts. is it cooling
off where you are? are you ready for fall?

my sweaters and jackets are still neatly
packed away. i hope they can remain in boxes for 
another few weeks; this girl loves the sun!
despite moving last week, i have yet to begin
the daunting task of unpacking (but more on
that topic later...).
disclosure: macy's and lauren ralph lauren graciously
provided me with the handbag in this post. 
all opinions are my own!

jumpsuits and rompers are two of my
favorite summer trends. i have owned many
of my rompers for several years. after repeated attempts
to clean out and purge my closet, the rompers
remain (in their own treasured pile). i love them!
this particular jumpsuit is a newer find, 
purchased at a local boutique in kirkland.
the vibrant print and off-the-shoulder style
stood out to me. the ruffle detail allows you to
wear the jumpsuit on or off-the-shoulder, depending
on your preference and/or the occasion.

the jumpsuit required few accessories as
it is a statement all by itself. i paired this look
with my go-to nude sandals and a white handbag
for an extra 'pop.' who says white cannot be
worn after labor day? not me!
and now, an ode to my instagram~

what the heck?! seriously, instagram?
where is my profile? gone? disabled? hacked?
is it gone forever? or just temporarily? 
please, oh please may i have access to it?
i promise not to over-post. or complain about
photos that don't perform well. or envy
other more successful bloggers. i simply
want my account back. please, can you help me?

are you familiar with this, or has something
similar happened to you? it seems many 
avid instagram users were recently hacked.
photos have gone missing and accounts mysteriously
disabled. when trying to login to my account yesterday,
i was prompted to enter my login information.
upon completing the request, i received an
error message, 'account not available.'
after a small dose of panic set in, followed by
loud profanity, i began texting fellow
bloggers and friends to see if they could assist.

'diaryofthisgirlmegan' is currently not available
on instagram. i submitted several forms 
online and am hopeful to hear back
within the next 24 hours. if you have additional
ideas and/or tips (and positive vibes), please
send them my way!

jumpsuit: twisted couture, sandals: franco sarto,
purse: c/o macy's and ralph lauren (exact here),
bracelet: j.crew, rings: forever 21

i apologize for my rant above. i generally
try to avoid negativity on my blog, but i have to admit,
i am very stressed. in the past few years,
i have worked hard to maintain and curate content
on my blog and social media platforms. for it to 
randomly disappear (or be disabled) for no apparent
reason is disheartening. however, i am hopeful
to have things back up and running very soon. in the
meantime, thank you for your patience!

**update: my account has been restored.
thank you, instagram support team!

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