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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

celebrating halloween with value village

halloween is just around the corner;
it seemingly sneaks up on me each year.
costume planning (and shopping) is one 
of my favorite fall traditions. 

i may or may not want to admit how 
much time i recently spent browsing 'costume ideas' 
on pinterest during the month of october 
(my halloween board can be found here). 
blogs provide a great deal of inspiration, too.
 between pre-packaged and DIY costumes, 
a girl has a lot of options. 
disclosure: value village graciously provided me with a gift card
to purchase my costume. as per usual, all opinions are my own!

as september came to an end (and the weather
changed (or drastically cooled off)), pumpkins,
apple cider, and halloween costumes
were on my mind. i began asking friends and coworkers
for costume suggestions, but struggled to come
up with something original. i dressed as wendy darling
from the disney movie, peter pan, 
last year. my costume was entirely thrifted!

this year, i was eager to visit my local 
value village for a bit of halloween prep.
i had a few costume ideas in mind, 
but i find it helpful to begin your halloween thrifting
adventure with an open mind. after all, you 
never know what your local thrift store will have
in stock. additionally, i take a cursory
glance at my closet: do i have accessories
or a specific item i can style as part of a costume?
ears, a new makeup tutorial, or wig
are potential examples.

i tend to avoid the ready-made,
packaged costumes, as they lack originality. 
the costume 'section' can be helpful when thrift 
shopping, but can appear picked over. 
my strategy? walk the store. 
look at everything. consult pinterest as 
you find clothing, shoes, or accessories that 
can be used to create a costume. and
 most of all, have fun!

halloween is an wonderful holiday. 
celebrating all things spooky + costumes and 
candy galore?! that requires fun, laughter, and creativity.
can you guess my costume? sandy from
'grease' meets 1950s pinup girl. a bandana, 
high-waisted bottoms, and a glass bottle of coke
were essential. i had so much fun putting
this look together!

when browsing the racks at value village,
i was hoping to find high-waisted 
shorts and a gingham or polka dot shirt. 
unfortunately, i was unable to find shorts
but fell in love with this polka dot top. i also
stumbled upon this gem of a jacket on
my way to the shoe section. i purchased it
to wear IRL (in real life), but it seemingly goes
well with my costume, too! 
the finishing touches were a sleek pair of
heels, a bracelet, bandana, and loose curls.

t-shirt, bracelet, heels, and faux fur jacket: c/o value village.
leggings: american apparel, bandana: fred meyer

you can see previous halloween posts on my
blog here and here. i absolutely love celebrating
halloween (any excuse to dress up and eat chocolate, 
right?). do you have any fun plans this year?
what is your costume? if you haven't begun
planning, make sure to visit your neighborhood 
value village for costume ideas and essentials!

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