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Monday, March 12, 2018

my best birthday yet

'time and tide wait for no man,
but time always stands still for a woman
of 30.' --robert frost

'i don't think of it as turning 30.
it's my 10th anniversary of my 20th birthday.' 

'you can be gorgeous at 30, 
charming at 40, and irresistable for the
rest of your life.' --coco channel

'after 30, the body has a mind of its own.'
--bette midler

'when you're a teenager, all you want
to do is buy beer. but once you hit 30, all you
want to do is get carded.'
--sarah jessica parker as carrie bradshaw
in 'sex in the city'
today is my 30th birthday!
i celebrated with family and friends
over the weekend, and it could not have
been a better (or more fun) way to say 'farewell' to 
my 20s. my parents and boyfriend surprised
me with a party (complete with family,
friends, coworkers, balloons, cupcakes, and 
wine--lots of wine). we had a wonderful
time, and i had no idea they had been
sneaking around all week while planning this!

unfortunately, my 'actual' birthday, as it
falls on a monday, will be spent at work.
but i plan to eat dessert after every meal and
treat myself to a lunch-time shopping adventure.
are you surprised? ;)
^^^ birthdays are the perfect excused to eat 
all the ice cream you want, right? this
vegan, jamocha chaga fudge ice cream from 
frankie and jo's is delicious! ^^^
turning 30 is surprisingly bittersweet.
new year, new me!
i am eager to enter this new decade and look
forward to what lies ahead: finishing
my editing certificate, launching a new
website, pursuing blog opportunities, and of course,
dedicating time to friends and family are
a just a few projects and goals in the works.

while my 20s were fun (a time of
exploration--career-wise and personally),
i think my 30s will be different. to say it will be
an exciting, yet peaceful decade may be
ignorant (or perhaps wishful thinking). 

i feel old, though i probably shouldn't 
say that; i don't mean to offend anyone. 
as a teenager, i imagined a much
different image of myself at age 30. 
perhaps i would be married, have a child
(or children), be well-established in my career, 
etc. well my life sure isn't that, but i am
okay with my current situation, too!
in fact, i feel grateful for where i am both
personally and professionally.

dress: nordstrom, boots: zara,
blazer: anthropologie (thrifted via goodwill),
clutch: nordstrom rack

and now, onto the outfit!
when brainstorming outfits to wear
on my birthday, i knew i wanted to make a
statement. i picked up this dress at nordstrom
(with sequin polka dots) and love how
flirty and feminine it is. it was on major sale
at nordstrom, too! ankle boots, a blush pink
blazer, and velvet clutch complete
the look. a side of ice cream makes for a 
cute and seemingly festive accessory.

while i didn't wear this outfit to my
party over the weekend, the dress is perfect
for a holiday party or celebration.
it can be dressed up or down, and i look
forward to styling it next weekend with my
denim jacket and converse.

i hope you had a wonderful weekend,
and thank you for stopping by! excuse me
while i indulge in another piece of cake!

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