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Sunday, February 25, 2018

what i pack for a blogger photo shoot

'don't forget to bring your entire wardrobe.'
(words by the wisest woman. ever.)

i should preface this by stating:
packing light has never been my strong suit.
in fact, in my family, i am notorious for forgetting
essential items (like flip flops--on a beach
vacation). i am equally well-known
for bringing too much 'crap' with me and stuffing
it in the nearest (and lightest) family member's
bag upon arriving at the airport.
what can i say? i like having options.

regardless of whether i am going to
class, or headed on a weekend adventure
or longer trip, i overpack. a blogger
photo shoot is no different. packing a large bag, with
numerous options, is required. however, in this
situation, overpacking can be to your benefit.
before going to a blogger shoot, i try to plan
two, three, or sometimes four different
outfits. this requires prepping a complete look from head 
to toe (including: hair, makeup, top + bottom or dress 
option, jewelry, bag, other accessories if 
applicable, and shoes). at times, this can be a
quick process, particularly if i have a specific
outfit in mind; other times, it can seemingly
take ages to find the right look (taking into consideration
weather, seasonal trends, shoot location,
potential sponsorships, and more).

my outfit prep begins the night before, 
or if i happen to shoot later in the day, i 
can usually pack a few hours beforehand. 
i pack each look in a separate bag. this
makes changing in-between looks far more
efficient. fun fact: i typically change in my car!
^^^ don't forget accessories! jewelry, purses,
and other props are great for posing with--they provide something
to do with your hands and can be used as an organic prop ^^^
^^^ shoot days are also a great excuse to try out
the newest coffee or ice cream shop, or to visit an old favorite.
le reve bakery in the queen anne neighborhood
has delicious coffee and the prettiest pastries! ^^^
photos by karya schanilec photography

velvet top and skirt: nordstrom rack,
boots: asos, headband: c/o france luxe hair (exact here),
clutch: aldo (similar here), rings: nordstrom

i also recommend packing a few 'safety items.'
what is a safety item? a denim jacket, spare
bag, extra bracelet, clear umbrella, etc. should the
weather suddenly change, or the clutch you
chose to match your outfit go missing, you have
a spare item on hand. there is nothing worse
returning home from a shoot, browsing through photos,
and realizing that something was off (and/or
missing). it is a bummer! having a few extra goodies
with you can often help.

festive props can be fun to bring
along, too! flowers, balloons, a banner--they
are fun to pose with and help create unique
images to share on your blog and social media.
i picked up a fake wreathe, garland, and pretty
banner at my local hobby lobby last christmas
and had a great time incorporating the items into
my holiday photos.

last minute items to toss in your bag?
lipstick, makeup-removing wipes, and a
water bottle. shooting is tiresome, and it helps
to leave your house prepared.

what are your photo shoot essentials?
how and when do you pack? i would love
to add to this list, as i am sure there are things
i have forgotten!

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