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Monday, April 9, 2018

30 years strong :: setting new health and wellness goals

happy monday, everyone!
my 'out-of-office' reply is on, and
i am officially on vacation. i write to you
from kona, hawaii, where i am relaxing in
paradise--with family--for the next
week. however, i couldn't stay away from blogging
and wanted to share a few health and
wellness goals i have been working toward
over the past several weeks.
disclosure: a special thank you to brooks running for providing me
the jacket, top, sports bra, running tights, and shoes pictured in this post.
i am grateful for the opportunity to be a brand partner of brooks running.
as per usual, all opinions are my own! 

i celebrated my thirtieth birthday
in march, and over the past year (or two), i have
noticed significant changes in my body.
no longer can eat french fries and pizza and
chocolate chip cookies without 1. getting
a terrible stomach ache (gluten and dairy products
are not my friend), and 2. adding quick
weight to my arms, thighs, and stomach.
additionally, i have prominent laugh lines--which
i am 100% okay with--but
that furrow on my brow--eh, i could
live without it.

staying up late, not drinking enough
water, a few too many glasses of
wine at happy hour? sheesh! my 20-something 
self would laugh and seemingly be horrified at how 
poorly i tolerate these! in an effort to feel great, both
physically and emotionally, during my thirtieth 
year, i have made a conscious effort to practice better 
self-care. this includes finding activities that 
support my overall health and wellness.
i should preface this by stating that
i am happy, healthy, and eager to see what
this new decade (hello, 30!) has to offer.
i simply want to document the personal
goals i have set as a means of holding myself
accountable :)

1. exercise, exercise, exercise.
(and no, not extra fries, unfortunately.)
whether going for a walk, visiting the gym,
or running stairs, i am determined to
exercise five days a week. getting in 30
minutes of cardio is one of my favorite
ways to alleviate stress. while i don't mind
going to the gym (i belong to a local
la fitness), i prefer to be active outdoors!

believe it or not, i greatly enjoy running
the stairs. seattle has several scenic staircases
worth visiting; my favorites include the
howe street stairs (capitol hill), thornton
creek water channel stairs (northgate, seattle),
the staircase over western avenue
leading into pike place market (downtown
seattle), and of course, the stairs featured
in today's post on upper queen anne!
^^^ i cannot get enough of these shoes! 
i'm wearing the purecadence 7 road running shoe,
and the purple is my absolute favorite. ^^^

2. breathe. stretch.
you may or may not believe this, but
i have never practiced yoga. stretching
has never been a strong suit of mine, but
with increased stress and back pain (again,
hello, 30), i think it may be time to make
stretching a priority. i think the best way
to do this is by attending a yoga class so i can
learn the introductory-level poses!
my gym offers complimentary classes
as part of my membership, but if you're 
local to seattle and have a studio you love,
please send recommendations my way.

3. prioritize my skincare routine and
accompanying products.
i have always been diligent about
washing my face (i never sleep in my makeup),
but until recently, i would skimp on skincare
products. affordable and easily
accessible washes and moisturizers were
my go-to products, but i have realized that 
i am not only skimping on cost, but
also on the quality of the ingredients. in
the past few months, i have been
better about reading labels and ingredient
lists in order to know what it is i
am applying to my face. 

and unlike my teenage self, apply
spf and eye cream daily!

ghost short sleeve top: c/o brooks (exact here),
uprise crossback sports bra: c/o brooks (exact here),
canopy jacket: c/o brooks (exact here),
ghost high-waist mesh crop tights: c/o brooks (exact here),
purecadence 7 road running shoes: c/o brooks (exact here)
**these pieces are part of brooks running's spring
collection. items run true to size, and i love how supportive
the sports bra and running shoes are, whether i'm exercising
outdoors or at the gym.

a few others goals i recently set?
read! instead of scrolling through instagram
or watching tv before bed, i choose, instead, to read.
dedicate time to family. cherish time spent with
friends. and lastly, be happy! this last goal
may seem silly, but at times, i can be a 'glass half
empty' kind of gal. i am working to be more
positive and have a better outlook on things, especially
when i feel stressed.

do you enjoy setting goals for yourself?
how do you like to document these goals?
and most importantly, how do you
hold yourself accountable?

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