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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

teeny tiny break

i may have cheated just a tiny bit... sometimes we need a break though (we = my fellow readers who are striving to fulfill health and fitness related resolutions). tonight was one of those nights. for days i have been craving a delicious burger. no, not my typical black bean/veggie burger, but something real; a major faux-pas for this vegetarian. and sadly, i was not craving a red robin, dicks, or local pub burger, but those beloved golden arches (mcdoanlds). ahem... dinner:
let me just tell you, 
that delicious cheeseburger made sitting in traffic bearable

i must admit, my reasons for going to mcdonalds were twofold: 1. for my cheeseburger (of course), and 2. to get a vanilla milkshake for my buddy. i went to visit him today with the milkshake in hand, but he was at a basketball game! good for him; not so good for my attempt at surprising him. my surprise took a bit of thought,  too because i learned after mistakenly bringing him a chocolate milkshake several weeks ago that his preferences are as follows: 1. vanilla, 2. strawberry, and 3. chocolate. silly me!