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Monday, July 30, 2012

an article and a hair cut

after much debate, i decided to get a hair cut (a miniscule trim to be exact).
i am determined to grow my former nubbin.
i desperately wanted to go to a fancy salon, have my hair scrubbed and my scalp massaged,
or have my favorite stylist, kat, fix me.
alas, one word was calling my name...
silly, silly budget.
oh end of the month, how i hate you! 
thus, i got a $15 hair cut. but you know - for a trim, that's all i need.
healthy hair + some new layers will do me good.
my bank account is quite pleased, too.

also, i have a new article this week.
somehow my last one was lost in the shuffle, 
but you can read my most recent one here.


  1. Your hair looks great -- and love that you only spent all of $15 on it!

  2. $15?!? Where...sign me up!! haha it looks great :)