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Sunday, July 15, 2012

car trouble

shirt: tj maxx, shorts: thrifted, flip flops: roxy, bracelets: f21

my dearest loui,
yesterday morning, i was ready to trade you in for a lifetime supply of bus passes.
i was furious!
your recent parking ticket(s),
ruined wheel covers,
and (what i thought was a) crack in the windshield
were simply too much to handle.
not to mention your increased insurance rate
and upcoming necessary maintenance.
i suppose you do get me from one place to the next,
but at this price?! no thank you.

fortunately, the cracked windshield was actually copious amounts of tree sap!
you were so filthy, i couldn't tell the difference.
after cleaning up spilt coffee, baby formula, dirt, and debris
on the inside, and deep cleaning the outside (with the help of tom!),
you are looking mighty good.

ugh, now to ration my $$ for your gas, tickets, and insurance... 



  1. love your pinapple shirt! too bad cars are so expensive!

  2. Cute shirt!

    Don't you just HATE car expenses?! So not how I like to spend my money lol