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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

date night (2)

nothing like a date with your best friend on a sunny summer afternoon!
we had a little thai food picnic at green lake, 
followed by a quick and delicious stop at ben & jerry's. 
when i got to a's house,
we were wearing the exact same outfit:
jean shorts, the beloved scoop neck t-shirt from nordstrom, and flip flops.
i guess best friends think alike when getting dressed :)
love this girl with my whole heart,
and cannot wait for our next adventure together! 

happy hump day!


  1. My best friend and I dress alike all the time unintentionally. We also buy a lot of the same things. We met for lunch one time after not seeing each other for a few weeks and we were both wearing new boots; the same exact ones!


    1. that is too funny! it must be a best friend thing :) yay for being twins! i hope the same thing happens when i someday meet you!!!

  2. I love best friend dates! Especially when it involves yummy food and picnics and ice cream! xo