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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

rompin' around

...but not quite ready
through squinted eyes:
 'wow, these sunglasses are filthy'
'much dirtier than i thought...'
'is my hair too flat?'

there are so many days (it seems) that
taking photos for this little blog just isn't my thing.
they come out looking ridiculous
(such as the photos above).
what are the faces i am making?
where on earth am i looking?
these, and many other thoughts, run through my head
upon viewing the pictures.
i thought i would share a few outtakes with you;
and trust me, there are so many more! 

i did have fun wearing this romper, however. 
it was a last minute purchase (via pacsun) before our trip to san diego. 
you can purchase the same kendall and kylie romper here.

there is always another day (and another outfit).