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Thursday, June 9, 2016

all the green juice, please!

a few weeks ago, i had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of 
the new jujubeet cafe, located in bellevue. with fellow bloggers, 
i sipped green juice, sampled hummus and waffles and energy bites, 
and enjoyed meeting co-founder, bianca szyperski. it was an enjoyable
(and healthy!) evening. despite having an incredibly full stomach, i told myself, 
'i have to go back and try everything on the menu!'
'at jujubeet, we believe in seizing the moment. it only takes a moment to
make a change; it only takes a moment to treat your body right; it only takes
a moment to make a fresh start.'

the only difficult part? deciding what to order!
jujubeet cafe has a diverse menu - from smoothies and juices, 
to delicious coffee, cleanses, crepes, and hot or cold fruit and veggie bowls.
simple, unprocessed food items are prominent; the food is created
with care by knowledgeable staff and promotes a health-conscious, vegetarian, 
and energy-filled lifestyle. 
photos and makeup by elizabeth kathryn photography

i ordered the 'be green' smoothie (spinach, green apple, banana, ginger and lemon)
and the creamy carrot hummus veggie plate. at the grand opening, i tried the 'power green'
smoothie (spinach, kale, banana, pear and lemon), southwest bowl and cinnamon
oat waffle. everything was delicious, to say the least! 

overall, i strive to maintain a fairly healthy lifestyle - visiting the gym a few 
times each week, tracking my steps and daily activity with my fitbit, and ingesting
 green smoothies whenever possible! however, a busy schedule, and the 
convenience of eating quick, unhealthy snacks, sometimes takes over;
it's all about balance, right? and sometimes a girl just can't say 'no' to ice cream.

jujubeet has cafes in bellevue, redmond, seattle and west seattle.
their newest location, on main street in bellevue, is where these photos
were taken (and where the opening took place). 
with local restaurants such as jujubeet cafe, staying on track
and enjoying tasty, yet healthy foods is easier than ever. 

a special thank you to jujubeet cafe for inviting me to their grand opening. 
i cannot wait to come back and sample additional items on the menu! 
have you visited jujubeet cafe? what is your favorite thing to order?

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