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Monday, December 12, 2016

catching the light

one (**slight) challenge that accompanies being a fashion blogger
during the fall and winter months is how unpredictable the weather can be.
i prefer taking photos outdoors, as i find the natural light, city backdrop, 
and variety of locations available enhance the photos a great deal -
however, there are days when it's simply too cold or raining too hard,
and now, it's dark before the work day ends. oh, the disappointment! 

however, on this particular afternoon,
elizabeth kathryn caught the light just perfectly (and thankfully, 
it wasn't too chilly for me, either)!
the holiday season is in full swing, and i can't get enough
of the decorations, christmas lights hung everywhere in the city,
and of course, the delicious treats and drinks (the chestnut praline 
latte at starbucks is one of my current guilty pleasures). 

i decorated my coworker and mine's office at work with 
ornaments, a red and green pom-pom banner, and a few others items
borrowed from my mom's christmas collection. we have also
been listening to michael buble's christmas album on repeat!
photos and makeup by elizabeth kathryn photography

sweater: zara (similar here). jeans: asos. oxford flats and bracelets: forever 21, 
clutch: tj maxx (similar here), earrings: nordstrom (exact here)

despite my eagerness for the upcoming holidays, i have yet
to begin any holiday shopping (!!!). what do you think - will 
i be able finish in time?! leaving things to the last minute has become somewhat 
of a trend for me in recent years, so i have a feeling i will be utilizing my 
lunch breaks to complete my shopping list. wish me luck!

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