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Monday, January 16, 2017

hello new year!

i know i'm a bit late (which has become somewhat of a pattern, unfortunately), 
as we are now already part-way through january, but i wanted to dedicate this 
post to looking back at 2016 - it was a good year - outfits and otherwise!
^^^ looking back at a few of my favorites on instagram, facebook,
and my blog from 2016! ^^^

last year, i had the opportunity to meet and work with some
very talented photographers - all of whom helped support and grow
kerouac photography, you ladies are amazing. i cannot thank you enough
for the laughter, patience during shoots, positive feedback, and of course, all the 
shared pictures on social media. thank you, thank you! 

additionally, i had the pleasure of working with some incredible brands;
some are local to seattle and others from abroad! lularoe, sassafras, 
lika love boutique, value village, rebekah j designs, boohoo, ankit,
robbins brothers, goodwill, and eshakti are some of the companies
i was fortunate enough to collaborate with this past year. i am eager to further these
relationships and participate in a few new collaborations in the coming year!

i love wearing and sharing clothing and accessories
already in my closet, but there is something extra special 
about receiving a product (whether shoes, clothing, or otherwise)
and sharing my personal experience with you on my blog.
i include a 'disclosure' at the bottom of each sponsored
post, and of course, opinions are always my own. 
one of the many reasons i adore blogging and continue to create
content is because i have the opportunity to share what i wear 
and love, first hand, with you.

not only was this year big for me in terms of blogging, but i 
also made a seemingly drastic career change. for the past four-and-a-half years,
i was a montessori preschool teacher. i had the pleasure of working
with infants and toddlers (children from birth to age three),
watching them grow and develop, while helping instill in them
a love for learning. as much as i enjoy working 
with children, i was ready for a change. in september, 
i left preschool and began working for a finance company in seattle.
preschool to finance - who would have thought?!

part of switching careers meant passing a finance exam, the series 99,
in order to become a 'licensed' employee in the field. 
i cannot tell you how stressful and challenging it was studying for 
and (thankfully!) passing the exam; many tears were shed in november
and december, and curse words uttered, while trying to memorize my notecards 

i continue to babysit in much of my free time and still enjoy
thrift and consignment shopping, reading and writing, and of course,
blogging! 2016, you were a good year, though full of
change and seemingly tumultuous at times. 
however, i cannot wait to see what 2017 has to offer! 

and just for fun, here's last year's post reflecting on 2015.

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