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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

fitness meets fashion (& a few tips to keep you motivated)

let's be honest, the excitement of the new year is slowly wearing off,
and my continual resolution to be more active (and consume
fewer baked goods and ice cream cones) is not going quite as well 
as i'd hoped. i enjoy keeping active, and i strive to hit the gym
a few times each week, but there are days i'm simply too tired. or i can't
fathom fighting the crowds for my favorite stair climber. or 
that double chocolate brownie is staring me down. however, a new 
pair of running shoes (and a reprieve from the seattle rain)
is a great way to get back on track! 
disclosure: brooks running graciously provided me with the running shoes and outfit i'm 
wearing in this post! as per usual, all opinions are my own.

since college, working out has become an important
part of my life. i should probably preface this by stating that 
i am in no way a fitness expert; in fact, quite the opposite. there
are loads of machines at the gym that i find utterly intimidating.
however, i've rounded up a few tips for you that have been 
of great help to me, in terms of living a healthy lifestyle (or attempting
to live a healthier lifestyle, as i just polished off the last 
of my valentine's day chocolate):

find a fitness buddy
whether it's your coworker, best friend, or significant other,
working out with a friend is far more fun (and appealing, in my 
opinion) than doing it alone! check out a local yoga class
or go for a stroll around your neighborhood. either way, you're
enjoying time with one another while doing something active.

wear a fitness tracker
i've had my fitbit flex for just over three years, and i can honestly
say, i don't know what i'd do without it! transitioning to an office job,
where i spend the majority of my day seated at a desk, means 
i must be more conscientious about moving my body - 
especially if i am hoping to get 10,000 steps in each day. i prefer to go for a 
walk during my lunch break, and i take every opportunity to walk over and 
grab a glass of water, stop by my supervisor's desk, etc. etc. 
invest in quality shoes and attire
when it comes to running shoes, i learned the hard way, 
you get what you pay for. that pair on clearance? not 
as well-made or supportive as a quality running shoe. brooks are
known for their running shoes, and i'm already on my third pair!
you should replace your shoes every 500 miles (or every six months, 
depending on the nature of your workouts).

another gym essential? a supportive bra. for years, i purchased those 
pesky pull-over workout bras and seemingly cringed when they cost more than 
15 dollars. ladies, a sports bra can truly make or break your workout. 
a wire stabbing you in the chest? a bra that offers little-to-no support? 
no thanks! brooks can get you fitted and 
provide you with a bra unique to your workout; if you're attending a 
yoga class, for example, the type of support you need will differ from what is 
required when going for a run. 
stretch, stretch, stretch
until recently, i would seldom stretch before
or after my workout. i could climb stairs, lift weights or jog and then simply
go about my day. as i've gotten older, i've realized the importance
of stretching both before and after working out, as well as throughout
the work day. 

remember to hydrate
though it may not need mentioning, don't forget to hydrate!
i drink far too much coffee (and subsequently far too little water); i need 
reminders to drink more water throughout the day, especially if i 
know i'll be hitting the gym later. adding a slice of cucumber or lemon to my 
water bottle, keeps me drinking far more water than i normally would.

don't forget your greens
green smoothies, green juices, green vegetables, 
i love you! this is a more recent infatuation, and it might take
your taste buds a bit of time to get used to, but i can't get enough.
this kale, cucumber, lemon and pineapple smoothie from pcc may be a bit
daunting at first, but after a few sips, you'll come to crave it.

shirt: brooks fremont running tank (exact here), 
jacket: brooks dash half zip (exact here), tights: brooks greenlight capris (exact here),
shoes: brooks purecadence 6 running shoe (exact here)

with my brooks running outfit and shoes, i feel an increased
motivation to workout. this look is both functional and fashionable
and will seamlessly transition from the gym to an afternoon coffee
(or smoothie) date with friends!

how do you dedicate time to your overall health and wellness?
any tips for curbing an insatiable sweet tooth is also appreciated.
let me know in the comments below.

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