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Thursday, March 2, 2017

i'll take all the ruffles & polka dots, please!

a trend that's prevalent for spring 2017? ruffles, ruffles, 
and more ruffles. they're everywhere - on skirts, dresses, swimwear, 
blouses, etc. etc. and i have to say, i'm loving it!

i purchased a few sweaters and long-sleeved blouses
with ruffles that i've worn this winter, but i am eager to 
introduce brighter and lighter ruffled pieces
as we step into spring. this polka dot, sleeveless blouse 
(borrowed from my mom!) is no exception. 
the ruffle detail on this blouse is subtle, yet feminine.
 i've seen many blouses with what could be termed, 'ruffle overload,'
where the ruffles are a bit too over-sized and somewhat silly looking.
too many ruffles can leave you looking and feeling
frumpy, as your shape is overshadowed by excess fabric.

while i greatly enjoy trying new trends and sharing them 
here on my blog, i don't want be wasteful or wear pieces
that aren't authentic to my personal style. i think shopping and
putting together blog-worthy outfits can be a balancing act! i don't 
necessarily want to purchase a trendy item, at a high price point, that may
or may not go out of style within a few months. 
i am working to create a more simplified, timeless wardrobe
that allows me to easily dress for a variety of occasions 
(this means a major closet purge is in order). of course, 
i want to have fun with what i'm wearing, too, as fashion is a 
creative outlet!
are you a fan of the ruffles? what trends are you looking forward
to this spring? i'm ready to say goodbye to this dreadful
rain, snow and the freezing temperatures. it makes getting 
dressed each morning a bit of a guessing game, as you never know
what to expect for the day ahead - i make sure
to dress in layers and always have a hooded jacket with me!

blouse: loft (similar here), jeans: zara, purse: steve madden,
jacket: zara (thrifted via seattle goodwill), boots: matisse (similar here)

i rounded up a few ruffled items i'm lusting after for spring below!
dress // blouse // romper

ruffles, polka dots and floral prints - i can't get enough!

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