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Monday, April 13, 2015

a special appearance!

^^^ meet, willie! my boyfriend, photographer, 
and a major supporter of this little blog ^^^

shirt: old navy, jeans: thrifted, shoes: cole haan 

a friend of mine recently said, 'megan, you should 
share some of will's outfits on your blog!'
he sure dresses well (but i suppose i am rather biased),
so we decided to showcase a bit of menswear around here.

i felt a bit nervous taking these photos! 
with my outfits, i am always asking him, 
'is my necklace straight?' 'is my shirt twisted?'
'is my hair going crazy?' 'do i have lipstick in my teeth?'
'does this match?' 'should i have worn the other boots?'
etc. etc. etc.
for boys, however, i suppose it is rather different - 
seemingly effortless (darn him for looking great in every picture!).

thank you for wholeheartedly supporting my passion, willie, 
and for being a good sport when i forced you to appear in this post!